Our volunteering pages will help you to find out all you need to know about how to get involved in volunteering, or to link to organisations that can provide you with further information.

Volunteering Lincolnshire is an alliance of partners from across the Involving Lincs membership. We exist to promote volunteering across the county and to provide a strong voice on volunteering issues.

What is volunteering?

We define volunteering as an activity that is open to all, unpaid, and freely entered into, for the benefit of others or the environment. It is a relationship built on mutual trust and respect. It is not contractual. Volunteers choose to volunteer and have the freedom to leave their volunteering at any point. These are the things that make volunteering unique.

We encourage organisations to respect their volunteers as individuals, valuing their contribution, providing safe conditions for volunteering activity, being flexible and inclusive in their treatment of volunteers and where possible, providing out of pocket expenses.

I want To Volunteer

A good starting point is your local Volunteer Centre. Click on the link to find your nearest Centre.

Volunteer Centres can help you find opportunities that suit your interests, experience and time available. They have information on a huge range of local, national and even overseas volunteering opportunities.

Volunteer Centres also upload many volunteering opportunities to the national volunteering website www.do-it.org.uk.  If you visit the site you can enter your details in the box to browse opportunities by interest, activity or area.

If you’re in the south of the county you could also browse opportunities at Discover Volunteering

If you’re interested in sports volunteering you could also contact Lincolnshire Sport for details of local clubs looking for volunteers.

We need volunteers

If your organisation or project needs volunteers you can get specialist help with all aspects of planning for, recruiting and managing volunteers.

Volunteer Centres can:

  • Help you find new volunteers by promoting your opportunities locally and online to a wide audience of all ages.
  • Provide good practice advice and support on all aspects of recruiting, managing and supporting volunteers
  • Deliver volunteer management and volunteer training workshops, and networking opportunities
  • Work with you to develop new volunteer projects, create new opportunities and make the most of your volunteers.
  • Provide easy access to research, local and national volunteering resources and ‘tools’ to enable you to involve volunteers effectively.

If your organisation is looking to involve more young people as volunteers, Discover Volunteering can help you promote volunteering opportunities online and via social media, and provides a route for volunteers to gain accreditation for their efforts.

Lincolnshire Sport offers specialist support with recruiting and training volunteers in sport.

Children’s Links provide specialist support for childcare organisations and LCVYS support voluntary youth organisations.

Volunteering is choosing to spend time doing something for the benefit of others, or for society or the environment, without being paid to do it.

Millions of people volunteer, sometimes without even thinking of themselves as ‘volunteers’.

There is a huge range of volunteering to choose from including practical work, office tasks, supporting people, one-off events, team activities, management roles and lots more.

Volunteering is a great way to:

Why volunteer word cloud2

The simple answer is ‘anyone’.

Volunteers come from all walks of life, age groups and backgrounds.

Some opportunities are regular, others are one-off, occasional or even ‘virtual’, so there are opportunities to fit round even the busiest of lifestyles. You can even volunteer as part of a group or team.

There are volunteer opportunities that can be done by anyone. On the other hand, some opportunities do need particular skills, attributes or experience.  If you’re not sure what to go for, your local Volunteer Centre can help.

To find your nearest volunteer centre please click on your location and you will be taken to the appropriate page.


Volunteer Centre Lincolnshire transThere are seven Volunteer Centres in Lincolnshire – one in each district. They are run by local support and development organisations that exist to support the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector: Voluntary Centre Services and Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service are independent charitable organisations, whose Volunteer Centres are accredited to national standards by Volunteering England/NCVO.

Volunteering Lincolnshire
Volunteering Lincolnshire is a new informal alliance of organisations involved in developing and promoting volunteering in the county.

Current members:

Voluntary Centre Services

Lincolnshire CVS

Discover Volunteering

Children’s Links

Groundwork Lincolnshire

Lincolnshire Youth Association

More information about purpose and activities will be available as the alliance develops.

Organisations interested in finding out more, or participating as a member of Volunteering Lincolnshire should contact Dianne at Voluntary Centre Services on 01522 551683.

Employer Supported Volunteering
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