The People’s Partnership

People's Partnership

What Is It?

The People’s Partnership will create a forum for the people of Lincolnshire to engage with Lincolnshire County Council as equal partners.

The People’s Partnership is about setting up Community Engagement for a long term meaningful relationship between the people of Lincolnshire and Lincolnshire County Council. The pilot project will begin with creating a forum between the community and voluntary sector within Lincolnshire and the areas of Lincolnshire County Council that directly relate to each of the initial 7 Strands:

  1. Carers
  2. Children and Young People
  3. Learning Disability
  4. Mental Health
  5. Older People
  6. Physical Disability
  7. Sensory Impairment

This pilot project was funded by Lincolnshire County Council to March 2017 to support strand development and the partnership forum.  The intention was to develop a Strand Lead for each of the main strands, each representing an important but less well heard part of our community, and support them in building on existing networks of community groups, to have a voice and influence commissioning and service delivery

The pilot project is about improving communications to:

  1. build capacity
  2. share of best practice
  3. improve access for/to hard to reach communities
  4. promote equality & diversity
  5. promote on-going and meaningful engagement and co-production with Lincolnshire County Council.


Lincolnshire Community & Voluntary Service (LCVS) are the lead body, independent from, though funded by, Lincolnshire County Council (LCC). The initial Pilot year will be driven by a LCVS Project Manager, working 2 days per week, on setting up and supporting the People’s Partnership forum and the 7 Strands identified for the pilot year.

Strand Leads will represent their communities of interest at the People’s Partnership Forum, where all around the table will be equal partners working towards improving the quality of engagement and demonstrating that the Community and Voluntary sector are co-producers in the People’s Partnership.

How the People’s Partnership will work

The People’s Partnership is designed to work through on-going engagement. There are 25 Commissioners within LCC, all developing strategies; the People’s Partnership is designed to become their first port of call to engage with representatives of the 7 Strand communities whilst developing strategies, not just for consultations.

Strand Leads can represent their communities of interest, expanding on their current reach, inclusion and engagement, so that they can act as a voice for their Strands. As well as actively consulting their Strands communities when LCC Commissioners come to the People’s Partnership the Strand Leads are able raise issues that concern their communities and that they feel LCC should be considering or acting upon.

Funding / Outcomes

No fixed amount per Strand. No fixed Outcomes per Strand. This is about co-production. Currently each Strand is in a different place, and consequently has different needs for support to grow reach and inclusion and enable engagement within the People’s Partnership Forum. Some need to build capacity, some are funded already for engagement work but may want to run an event/campaign to build reach and inclusion.

The Strand Leads know their current situation, their community of interest needs and how best to engage with them – they are putting together plans which the Steering Committee will consider.


Points to note:

  • Each Strand Lead will be promoted as themselves, they are the trusted name within their community – contact details for all Strand Leads will be shared shortly.
  • The People’s Partnership Forum – will be promoted as such.
  • Most powerful thing is stories and conversations:
    • From Strands to demonstrates the concerns of their communities
    • From LCC to demonstrate the action they have taken – “You said, we did”
  • During the pilot year each Strand will look at the people who do not fall into one of the 7 Strands identified, the pilot year is for Learning, we can feedback on how the Strands work & whether more are required.
  • Important also that LCC does not see the People’s Partnership as ‘covering’ all their social inclusion requirements.
  • The LCVS Project Manager will over the coming weeks / months be talking with CCGs, Healthwatch and Health & Wellbeing Boards on how they can link into the People’s Partnership too.


What is the aim of the People's Partnership?

the aim is for the Partnership to become the principle point of contact between Lincolnshire County Council and the people of Lincolnshire to inform commissioners of needs, gaps and issues. The Partnership has the potential to influence what the Authority does during every single stage of the Commissioning Cycle.

What is purpose of the People's Partnership?

the purpose is to find ways to further strengthen representation and influence commissioning plans, strengthening networking and improve information exchange. The People’s Partnership will provide funds and support to build capacity to do these things.

How will the People's Partnership work?

the People’s Partnership provides the forum for communities of interest, Strands, and the commissioners to get together. Funding is available for a lead network or organisation, or group of organisations, to develop each Strand in a manner that suits that Strand’s Community, at a strategic and local level.

What are the community of interest groupings, or Strands, for the Partnership?

the pilot project will have 7 Strands:
1. Carers
2. Children and Young People
3. Learning Disability
4. Mental Health
5. Older People
6. Physical Disability
7. Sensory Impairment

Who is promoting the People’s Partnership?

Involving Lincs, the county’s lead infrastructure organisation supporting Lincolnshire’s Third Sector.

Who is Involving Lincs?

Involving Lincs is a consortium of organisations working to support and develop the voluntary, community and social enterprise groups that make up the Third Sector in Lincolnshire. Involving Lincs is working to strengthen the sector through collaboration, strategic development and effective use of resources.

Who is the lead coordinating body for the People’s Partnership?

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is co-ordinating the People’s Partnership in its pilot year. LCVS are being funded to facilitate the development of the Strands and the Forum.

Who is Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service?

Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) promotes volunteering and provides advice and support to enable individuals and community groups to make a real difference and build stronger communities. LCVS works with its sister company, Voluntary Centre Services, to ensure full county wide coverage of core volunteering and community development work.

How is Lincolnshire County Council involved with the People’s Partnership?

The pilot is being funded through Lincolnshire County Council. The funds have been paid to the lead organisation, Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, to manage and distribute across the Strands as required.

What is the County Council's interest in developing a successful People’s Partnership?

It’s Community Engagement Strategy 2013-2018 state “by 2019 we want to be a council that ensures consultation and engagement activity is a fundamental part of all service planning”. The People’s Partnership is one part of achieving that.

To find out more look at the LCC Community Engagement Strategy 2013-2018 at:

Will people still be able to submit their own responses to consultations?

Yes. People can still consult directly with Lincolnshire County Council via their website:

Who are the Steering Committee?

The small Steering Committee is formed of 2 representatives each from LCC Engagement Team and the Lead Body LCVS. Their role is to keep the pilot project on track and tackle any issues raised by the People’s Partnership Forum.

Who are the Strand Leads?

The organisations selected as Strand Leads through an Express of Interest process are listed below (further details will follow shortly).

Strand Strand Lead
Carers Lincolnshire Carers and Young Carers Partnership
Children and Young People Children’s Links
Learning Disability VoiceAbility
Mental Health Shine Mental Health Network Lincolnshire
Older People Age UK – Lincoln
Physical Disability Lincolnshire Independent Living
Sensory Impairment Strand Lead t.b.c.

Find Out More

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Telephone: 01522 811 582 and ask to speak to Philip Burgess

Mid Term Review

You can read about the development of the Partnership in our mid – term review. Download it now.