Speaker notes from V:EXPO 15

Keynote Speakers

You can read a full transcript of Kevin Curley’s Keynote Speech here.

You can download a copy of Rob Jackson’s presentation on Volunteering and technology.


Social Media. Paul Wilson has recommend the following resources:

Firstly here’s a full video pre recorded version of yesterday’s social media connecting communities presentation. Here’s the link to the Friends with Money publication

Kirsty Marrins Content and Community manager at Justgiving provided the expert comment about our case study in that publication and she’s a huge advocate of Storify – here’s a recent blog by her which I’m sure would be of interest. Here’s my own example of the storify version of Rotary Global Swim story.

Finally here’s the general links to my YouTube free social media training content. There’s well over 15 hours of free social media training .  Here’s the link to 80+ of my Free step-by-step training videos on social media covering Linkedin , Youtube, Twitter , Facebook and some other useful tools. Here’s just the Twitter training videos here’s the Linkedin videos, and here’s the Facebook videos.


You can find a wide range of resources related to micro-volunteering on the Help from Home website. To find more ways of involving micro-volunteers in your organisation contact your local Volunteer Centre.

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