New Opportunities With the People’s Partnership

LCC logoThe People’s Partnership is a brand new way of engaging with the County Council in the development of its strategies and commissioning plans and you now have the opportunity to get involved.
We have answered a number of your likely questions below and at the bottom of this article there is a downloadable Expression of Interest form for you to complete if you think your organisation could be one of the strand leads.

Question – What is the aim of the People’s Partnership?

Answer – the aim is for the Partnership to become the principle point of contact between Lincolnshire County Council and the people of Lincolnshire to inform commissioners of needs, gaps and issues. The Partnership has the potential to influence what the Authority does during every single stage of the Commissioning Cycle.


Question – What is the purpose of the People’s Partnership?

Answer – the purpose is to find ways to further strengthen representation and influence commissioning plans, strengthening networking and improve information exchange. The People’s Partnership will provide funds and support to build capacity to do these things.


Question – How will the People’s Partnership work?

Answer –the People’s Partnership provides the forum for communities of interest, Strands, and the commissioners to get together. Funding is available for a lead network or organisation, or group of organisations, to develop each Strand in a manner that suits that Strand’s Community, at a strategic and local level.


Question – What are the community of interest groupings, or Strands, for the People’s Partnership?

Answer – the pilot project will have 7 Strands:

  1. Carers
  2. Children and Young People
  3. Learning Disability
  4. Mental Health
  5. Older People
  6. Physical Disability
  7. Sensory Impairment


Question: Who is promoting the People’s Partnership?

Answer: Involving Lincs, the county’s lead infrastructure organisation supporting Lincolnshire’s Third Sector.


Question: Who is Involving Lincs?

Answer: Involving Lincs is a consortium of organisations working to support and develop the voluntary, community and social enterprise groups that make up the Third Sector in Lincolnshire.  Involving Lincs is working to strengthen the sector through collaboration, strategic development and effective use of resources.


Question: Who is the lead coordinating body for the People’s Partnership?

Answer: Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) is co-ordinating the People’s Partnership in its pilot year. LCVS are being funded to facilitate the development of the Strands and the Forum.


Question: Who is Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service?

Answer: Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service (LCVS) promotes volunteering and provides advice and support to enable individuals and community groups to make a real difference and build stronger communities. LCVS works with its sister charity, Voluntary Centre Services, to ensure full county wide coverage of core volunteering and community development work.


Question – How is Lincolnshire County Council involved with the People’s Partnership?

Answer: The pilot is being funded through Lincolnshire County Council. The funds have been paid to the lead organisation, Lincolnshire Community and Voluntary Service, to manage and distribute across the Strands as required.


Question – What is the County Councils interest in developing a successful People’s Partnership?

Answer: It’s Community Engagement Strategy 2013-2018 state “by 2019 we want to be a council that ensures consultation and engagement activity is a fundamental part of all service planning”. The People’s Partnership is one part of achieving that.

To find out more look at the LCC Community Engagement Strategy 2013-2018 at:


Question – Will people still be able to submit their own responses to consultations?

Answer – Yes. People can still consult directly with Lincolnshire County Council via their website:


To get involved download the The People’s Partnership – Expression of Interest and return it to


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  1. Kate Marshall March 24, 2015 at 10:10 am #

    Dementia Support South Lincs is interested in remaining involved with Lincs CVS and being kept updated regarding the People’s Partnership. I’m sure our members will be affected by these changes and I’d like to be able to support them through this period of change.

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