Meet your responsibilities to keep adults safe from abuse

If you suspected a child was at risk of emotional, physical or sexual abuse, you would act, right? But what if it was an adult at risk? The Care Act 2014 sets out a clear legal framework for how local authorities and other parts of the system should protect adults at risk of abuse or neglect – and it is everyone’s responsibility.

In a bid to raise awareness of how to spot the signs of adult abuse LCVS has been commissioned to run a string of free training courses aimed at the voluntary and community sector.

There are two course levels – an introductory workshop, suitable for all volunteers or staff that work with adults, and a full day training course aimed at staff, managers and committee members of organisations who work with adults. We recommend that everyone attends the introductory workshop before attending the full day session. 

1. Safeguarding Adults: Everyone’s Responsibility- Introductory Workshop

This free half-day workshop gives an introduction to adult safeguarding including the different types of adult abuse, possible indicators and what you should do if you are concerned about an adult at risk. It also includes an overview of local procedures and other support for community organisations and charities working with adults.

By the end of the sessions you will be able to

  • Recognise national and local context for safeguarding adults
  • Identify the different forms of abuse and recognise signs
  • Know what to do it you are concerned about an adult at risk
  • Identify ways to reduce likelihood of abuse

Suitable for all volunteers and staff within voluntary/community organisations working with adults. 

  • Grantham:    18th March – 2-4pm
  • Boston:        24th March – 2-4 pm
  • Long Sutton: 14th April – 2-4 pm
  • Louth:          11th May – 2-4 pm

For more details and to book your place go to eventbrite

2. Adult Safeguarding for Community Organisations

This free full-day session explores the roles and responsibilities of voluntary and community sector organisations in keeping adults safe.

It is recommended that participants have attended our half day information workshop prior to attending this training, to gain awareness of the different types of adult abuse, the possible indicators and what individuals should do if they are concerned about an adult at risk 

If attending an information workshop is not feasible, we would recommend using the Safeguarding Adults Workbook or undertaking one of the free online awareness training modules (eg SCIE, LSAB) prior to attending this course. 

Participants will get the chance to evaluate some adult safeguarding situations and develop their own approach in line with good practice.  There will also be the chance to discuss the national and local context for safeguarding adults and find out more about what happens when concerns are reported. 

By the end of session you will be able to:

  • Recognise national and local context for safeguarding adults
  • Evaluate safeguarding situations and consider what to do
  • Respond appropriately to concerns or suspected/alleged abuse
  • Identify your own organisation’s role and responsibilities in safeguarding adults.
  • Review your own organisational procedures relating to safeguarding and improve practice. 

Suitable for anyone in the voluntary or community sector who wants to understand more about their organisation’s role and responsibilities relating to safeguarding adults. Particularly useful for co-ordinators/ managers/ supervisors/ management committee members or anyone working with adults at risk.

  • Grantham:       29th April 10-4
  • Boston:            8th May 10-4
  • Long Sutton :   21st May 10-4
  • Louth:              15th June 10-4

For more details and to book your place go to eventbrite


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