Community Action Pledge

Tell us about the corporate community activity your company wants to do this year, and  we’ll feature your company on these pages, on social media and other publicity.  In return you get:

  • Free help to find local good causes that you want to support
  • Workforce benefits – skills development, teambuilding, feelgood factor
  • Great PR opportunities including our LinkedIn group, Twitter, Facebook
  • Higher local profile

Once you fill in the Community  Action Pledge below a member of the Lincs Community & Business network will get in touch with you to discuss how best we can help you promote your activity and achievements. We’ll also contact you later in the year to find out how it’s all going.

Our aim as a network is to help create a buzz about corporate social responsibility activity and celebrate the great work that’s going on in Lincolnshire.

If you’re not sure how to get started – either as an individual, a team or on behalf of your wider workforce – get in touch. Or if you want to find local community organisations that need your help, just ask.

Pledge Form
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We pledge to make a difference to Lincolnshire’s communities.

Declaration: I am authorised to make this pledge on behalf of the company (or department/section/team) named above, and I will help make a difference.

By submitting your pledge you’re agreeing for us to share your company’s pledge and achievements in the public domain. No personal contact details will be made public or shared beyond Lincs Community & Business without your permission.