Lincolnshire Health and Care Survey

Lincolnshire Health and Care is a radical health and care review that has been set up to ensure the quality, safety and sustainability of health and care services in Lincolnshire.

Doing nothing is simply not an option. The current budget for health and social care in Lincolnshire is currently £1.2 billion. In five years, health and care organisations in Lincolnshire will have a combined budget deficit of over £100m per year if we do nothing. There is no rescue fund and the only solution is a radical rearrangement of the way we provide care.

The aim is to improve joint working through integration of health and social care services for Lincolnshire’s 700,000+ residents. This will ensure that the resources we have are coordinated to deliver easily accessible, joined up services to better meet people’s needs.

The programme’s ambition is to provide residents with the right care at the right time, which is closer to home, through early intervention and prevention wherever possible. This way people will be less likely to need a stay in hospital and a vast majority of people’s health and care needs will be met in the community, near to where they live.

Lincolnshire Health and Care are undertaking an extensive programme of engagement with the public, staff and stakeholders to ensure that their views and ideas shape the proposals. This survey forms part of that engagement.

Once views on potential models for health and care have been gathered, a full public consultation will be undertaken.

You can complete the survey by clicking here.

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