Children’s Links

Children’s Links Research and Consultation

Children’s Links is a national children’s charity. We work with children, young people, their families, communities and other children’s sector professionals to improve the quality of children’s life experiences and ensure that they can achieve their full potential.

We are an infrastructure organisation and have 20 years experience of supporting and developing the Voluntary and Community Sector. Our highly qualified research and customer care staff are experienced in undertaking research, facilitate consultations and managing the delivery of projects on a local, regional and national basis. Our commitment to the continuing professional development of staff is evidenced by our December 2012 Gold Award from Investors in People.

Our Sector Support team is experienced at creating questionnaires and e-surveys using the online Survey Monkey tool. We also establish focus groups and conduct face to face meetings appropriate to the wider reach of the individual research projects. The results will be collated in a central database, analysed and used to generate a PDF report (i.e. suitable for internet publication).

  • Supporting children and young people to engage in research / participation expertise
  • Research into sector capacity / mapping exercise
  • Community needs, impact assessment and service outcomes
  • Demonstration of service need to inform strategy development

Main contact details

Name Greg Hall
Telephone 0845 373 0645