Asset Transfer

Asset transfer is one of the areas where community groups in Lincolnshire, feel they need more help in understanding what it is, how it works, and any support available to help them achieve it.

Community Matters ( defined asset transfer as

“the shift in management and/or ownership of buildings or land from public bodies (most commonly local authorities) to communities (usually to local community and voluntary groups)”.

As part of the Transforming Local Infrastructure (TLI) Programme in Lincolnshire, some members of Involving Lincs have formed an Asset Transfer Group to develop a ‘Lincolnshire Model of Asset Transfer Support Services’.

Led by Horizon Community Development Limited (HCDL), the Group involves:

  • Children’s Links
  • Community Lincs
  • Lincolnshire CVS
  • Lincolnshire Sports
  • Lincolnshire Youth Association
  • Urban Challenge

Keys (Small)


As an outcome of this work and to respond to community needs, we have developed various Guidance on the Basics of Asset Transfer. This is a signposting service for Development Workers, Local Authorities and Community Groups to refer to, when dealing with any asset transfer related issue or inquiry.

These Guidances are as follows:

Guidance No 1 – Common Definitions of Asset Transfer
Guidance No 2 – Why Asset Transfer
Guidance No 3 – Mode of Asset Transfer
Guidance No 4 – Legal Structures to Manage Assets
Guidance No 5 – Financing the Asset Transfer, Sustainability and Financial Risks
Guidance No 6 – A Case Study of Good Asset Transfer
Guidance No 7 – Key Agencies Offering Asset Transfer Related Support

You can download the Guidance by clicking on each title.

A PowerPoint presentation discussing each Guidance is also compiled for Development Workers, or Local Authority Officers, to use when explaining about the Basics of Asset Transfer to the community groups with whom they are working.

Please note that these Guidances do not in any way give advice on how an organisation can undergo asset transfer. If you need advice on how to go about asset transfer, please contact Involving Lincs on: who may be able to refer you to members with appropriate skills and experience in this area.